8 Restaurants We Always Refuse, Even If We’re Hungry


A common myth is that an Applebee’s kitchen comprises entirely microwaves. Regardless of how true this is, the food quality doesn’t do much to change people’s opinions.


The quality seems to continue to decrease while a sub becomes more expensive.

Golden Corral

The COVID-19 pandemic helped close down several buffet restaurants, and Golden Coral was not immune to this. Judging by the opinion of several diners, the ones that closed won’t be missed.


A common response is Kentucky Fried Chicken, with many diners agreeing on one thing: how can a place specializing in chicken constantly run out of chicken?


As someone that is 50% Italian, I don’t see the appeal. I’m not alone in this opinion, either. One person compares it to microwaved Lean Cuisine.

Burger King

When it comes to fast food burgers, everyone is often craving McDonald’s or Wendy’s. Yet even if your stomach is growling, people seem to agree: they’d rather go hungry than stop at Burger King.

Panda Express

Chinese restaurants are a dime a dozen in the United States. One thing Panda Express has going for it is the portion size. The quality, however, is often viewed to be lacking.

Ruby Tuesday

On the plus side, Ruby Tuesday has an all-you-can-eat salad bar. That’s not preventing several locations from closing down nationwide, though.

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